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Kansas City Home Advisor Electrician 5 Star Ratings

JMC Electric “Home Advisor Stellar Ratings”

If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of Home Advisor users that love JMC Electric's home and business electrical services. Home Advisor Profile JMC Electric Service you can depend on!Here at JMC ELECTRIC our goal is quite simple, It is simply...

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Google Five Star Reviews JMC Electric

Google 5 Star Reviews for JMC Electric

If you haven’t noticed, there are some nice reviews of JMC Electric’s home and business electrical services on Google.Google My Business Profile Page JMC ElectricService you can depend on! JMC Electric was founded 15 years ago and has...

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DIY Kansas City Electrical Projects

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Electrical Work Cautions

Homeowners should never attempt Do-It-Yourself (DIY) electrical work, unless you already have experience in the electrical field or are a residential electrician.  Electricity is extremely complicated and dangerous. An amateur electrical job may cause...

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Christmas Lights By Kansas City Residential Electrician

Christmas Lighting Tips From Your Residential Electrician

During the holidays, there are a number of reasons people search for a residential home electrician in Kansas City. The most common is holiday decorations.  This time of year people to decorate the inside and outside of their home with lighting, and...

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Kansas City Home Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke Detector Testing In Kansas City

JMC Electric is out in force replacing and adding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the Kansas City area. JMC Electric works with city code enforcement to keep homes and businesses safe in Kansas City. JMC Electric fallows the National Electric Code...

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Water Electric Shock Hazards Kansas City

Electrical Summer Safety Tips

JMC Electric, located in Kansas City, Overland Park, warns residential users of  electricity of the dangers that are present when water comes in contact with electricity. To reduce electrical hazards, JMC Electric offers the following Summer safety...

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Local Residential Electrician Interior and Exterior Lighting Solutions

Lights come in many shapes and sizes. Each and every system has a different use and a different goal for being practical. At JMC Electric, we’ve seen countless different use cases and implemented systems. When you need a local residential electrical...

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Dangerous Kansas City Electrical Outlets

Kansas City Dangerous Residential Electrical Outlets

This is not something any parent wants to see -  Their child exploring that fun set of electrical outlet holes in the wall. Unfortunately, as professional residential home electricians in Kansas City, we know this is all to common an occurrence.   Here...

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Residential Electricians Kansas City

How to Find a Residential Electrician in Kansas City

Looking for a residential electrician in Kansas City can be almost as scary as seeing sparks fly from your outlet when you plug in the vacuum cleaner! There are a lot of residential electricians in Kansas City – so how do you pick the right one for...

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